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 Antoine Drive
 Barker Cypress Rd
 Beltway 8 Eastside
 Beltway 8 Westside
 Bingle Rd
 Blalock Rd
 Dairy Ashford St
 Durham Drive
 Eldrige Parkway
 Federal Rd
 Fry Rd
 Gellhorn Drive
 Gessner Drive
 Grand Parkway
 Gregg St
 Heights Blvd
 Holland Ave
 Lockwood Drive
 Market St Rd
 Mason Rd
 McCarty St
 Mercury Drive
 Milam St
 Normandy St
 Pin Oak Rd
 Sam Houston Pkwy
 Sheldon Rd
 Shepherd Drive
 Smith St
 Studemont St
 Taylor St
 TC Jester Blvd
 Texas 8 Beltway
 Uvadle Rd
 Waco St
 Washington Ave
 Wayside Drive
 Westcott St
 Wirt Rd
 6 Hwy
 45 Hwy
 59 Hwy
 610 Hwy Eastside
 610 Hwy Westside

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Interstate 10 Houston Traffic

i-10 Houston Traffic ...

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Interstate 10 Houston Map
The Interstate 10 in Houston, abbreviated "i-10 Houston",  is one of the major interstate highway routes that travels across the Greater Metro Houston area ... the i-10 is the main interstate highway that travels across Greater Houston and Harris County in a East-West direction.

Traveling West-bound on the i-10 away from Houston; the i-10 is the main route to San Antonio, and points further west.

Traveling East-bound on the i-10 away from Houston; the i-10 is the main route to Louisiana, Baton Rogue, and New Orleans, and points further east.

In the Houston area, a section of the i-10 is also known as the Katy Freeway, and another section is known as the East Freeway.

The map above shows the i-10 in Greater Houston (highlighted in pink) and where the i-10 travels through the Greater Metro Houston area... the map below shows approx. exit and off-ramp locations along the i-10 in the Greater Houston region...


Interstate 10 Houston Exits Map

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